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In addition to complete Operable Wall Sales and Service, Urban's offers fast, reliable 24-Hour emergency operable wall service.  When events are planned for your facility and your operable walls are malfunctioning, give us a call. We can provide temporary or permanent solutions to keep the days events on schedule.

Our Urban’s operable wall division specializes in the sales, service and installation of Moderco operable walls, but we service and repair ALL operable wall makes and models.  If your operable wall cannot be immediately repaired or needs parts ordered, then we can assist in configuring your facilities layout for immediate client events. Urban's can return later to repair your operable wall when necessary parts are available.

Headquartered in Southeast Michigan, Urban’s can provide fast, reliable emergency operable wall service in the Tri-State area.

Operable Wall Sales and Service

Operable Walls

Urbans operable wall division specializes in the sales, service and installation of Moderco operable walls. Moderco is the 3rd largest and fastest growing operable wall company in North America. With state-of-the-art production facilities in North America they can produce high quality operable walls with the most consistent and tightest tolerances. Click the Moderco link below for specifications and technical data.

Headquartered in Southeast Michigan, Urban’s is the distributor and installer of all Moderco operable wall projects for the eastern half of Michigan’s Lower and Upper Peninsula.

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Urban’s Offers:

  • 24 Hour Service
  • Service Contracts
  • Parts Department
  • Removal & Storage
  • Repair & New Walls
  • Partition Refinishing
  • Custom Folding and Roll Up Wood Doors
  • Easy Payment Options Visa/MC/AMEX

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